Okay, due to bandwidth issues, I've moved my awards over to my scrapbook archives at Lit_gal. Some of these award tiles are stunning pieces of art, so go peek. Now you can also look at the Award Gallery

"Nominee" could mean that my story is currently up for voting or it could me that I was nominated, but I lost. Either way, just knowing someone nominated me makes it worth a smile.

Author Awards
Adventures of Deadboy
and Zeppo
All Dressed Up
Beautiful Broken
Case 1099 on the Docket: Flopping in Public
Control Issues
Drusilla Dances Through the Universe
Flailing Through the Cliches
How About Me
Kin of the Heart
Kin of the Soul
Learning Curve/ Experience Curve
Magical Cage
Moon Magic
Necessary Evil
Predatory Connections
Recovery Epic
Roleplay, not Living
Second Verse
Shadows of the Past
Short Time
Thoughts Colored Ugly
Wish Upon a Cheating Boy
The Witness
Your Bloody Fault