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kinky recs
by LitGal


Recently added recs: Tryout at the Bondage Club (Original), Coming Home and General and Dr. Sheppard (SGA)


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Jack/Daniel: This story presents a complex relationship between two men who think they're just looking for a fuck buddy. The BDSM is explicit and realistic (don't expect the fisting to be hygenic), and the plot and psychology is solid. This doesn't go on my regular recommendations because I like to think Jack and Daniel are healthier than this... well, that and I have trouble buying Jack/Daniel (*runs from all the Jack/Daniel slashers*)

Coming Home and General and Dr. Sheppard
These really work together. The first tells the story of Colonel Sheppard, a top in a universe where people's orientations are about tops, bottoms, and switches. He has to find a way to keep the irascible and hard to handle bottom (McKay) from self-destructing, which isn't easy when McKay doesn't want to have anything to do with any military man. The second picks up some time later when they've established a relationship, only now they've been pulled into the canon universe.


Skinner/Mulder: I didn't even WATCH X-files, and yet this story sucked me right in. Here is the story of a sub Mulder who is self-destructive, afraid, guilty, and trying his best to undermine his own credibility. He offers himself to an unknown Dom, not as a sub but as a slave. When Skinner steps in to save Mulder, he has to use a firm hand (and about a million dollars worth of bondage equipment. Check out her other work too!

Star Trek Voyager

The Taming of Tom Paris
This is a slow story where Chakotay makes Tom an offer... and offer to help Tom discover himself. Along the way, Chakotay learns a few things about himself as well.


The Hand that Feeds: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Gil/Greg: This is a very soft story of Greg who is too afraid of making the wrong choice to make any choice and Gil who is denying his own nature. Lady Heather decides to call them on their faults before they damage themselves.

Bowtie Ball
Gil/Nick: Set aside police procedural rules and you can enjoy this tale where Nick insists on helping the FBI investigate a gay BDSM ball where underage boys might be up for sale. Gil's not about to let him go alone.


Various Stories
This series by TheTenthMuse covers any number of different fandoms, but basically they all have the same premise. The Roman empire never fell, and so the world functions very much the way it would under an empire that uses slavery as both a criminal penalty and an underclass. If you want true slave!fic, this is where you find it.

Original Fiction

Dusk Peterson's Fiction
I have loved everything of his that I've read... he has a realistic and sarcastic tone to his works, with this edge of sweetness underneath. This, to me, is the perfect blend of kink and character, plot and humor. I think Spontaneous makes me smile every time I read it.

Veronica Leigh Marquette
She writes some vampire lore that is original and well-developed. Her vampires have grown weary of the world and are now trying to survive by developing relationships with humans that are both very kinky and strangely close. Two problems: 1. the site is VERY not work-friendly. In fact, I avoid wandering this site too much because much of it scares me with banner ads that would make your mother pass out and 2. the story sometimes is a little thin on characterization as the kink takes front and center. Still a good read. She also wrote Bound and Chained which is her femdom fantasy universe.

Lady Blade
I'm really sad that The Hostage isn't free any more. The story starts with a man wrongfully convicted of murder who escapes during transfer. He hides in a home, hoping to make a break for freedom when the police leave. He doesn't know the woman is a domme who is neither helpless nor willing to let him run. She takes control, and his reluctance slowly fades as he finds that she takes care of him better than he cared for himself.

david stein
Carried Away
is more realistic with a frustrated sub looking for a little attention. The story works more as an introduction to the characters, but it has some nice insights on real Dom/sub relationships. If you like it, the full book is available through the author's website. Another of his is Tryout at the Bondage Club. This has heavier humiliation than I normally read, but it has two guys whose kinks match up perfectly.

David C.
Cruel Fate is rough... this is gay fiction, not slash. A young man is looking for someone who will push him to places he wants to go (but doesn't have the guts to face), and a leatherman is looking for a release after a long hard week. It's a pairing that leads to a lot of new insights on both men's parts.