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Stargate recs
by LitGal


Recently added recs: Census 2000,

Census 2000
Jack is in a very strange mood when he fills out a census form. Daniel isn't amused when he gets a follow-up call from a census worker.

I shouldn't like this...I really shouldn't!  However, I so totally do.  Chaka saves his little buddy by claiming him in front of tribe, and Daniel finds entirely new ways to enjoy intercultural communication. (Daniel/Chaka)

Quarantine   Concatenation     Freedom
A lonely Daniel who has seen his friendships with the team degenerate gets put in medical isolation with Paul Davis after he brings home a virus.  The men find they have a lot in common, and each finds something he needs in the other.  (Daniel/Paul)

Slip of Metal
Jack and Daniel have sex under rather strange circumstances, and it tears them apart.  Jack won't let Daniel close to him, and they spend years apart.  Then the alien who first encouraged their relationship does something to make them face each other.  (Daniel/Jack/female alien)

A Heart for Every Fate
This story starts at Torment of Tantaus, only Jack and Daniel never made it back to the gate in time. I love the slow build of the relationship and the way this story is FAR more about friendship and guilt and survival than it is about sex. It's a beautiful story of a difficult year.