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Sentinel recs
by LitGal

New Recs

65 Photographs
After Blair leaves Cascade, he finds himself looking at the remains of a life he left behind.

Chasing Rainbows
Blair has been missing for months, and when Jim finds him, he's just not the same man. I love this because Blair's owies don't just mystically vanish, but Jim is there for him every step of the way.

Test of Tranquility
Jim has been damn near broken by military testing when Blair and Simon find him, but he's a survivor, and he struggles back to find himself and rediscover Sentinel abilities that first vanish and then mutate out of recognition.

The Epic Tales

A wonderful post-TSbyBS where Blair is back to his cheerful, optimistic self and throwing himself into the new culture of the police force. Jim, however, find himself increasingly frustrated at the thought that Blair no longer needs him. Resonant plays with the many meanings of the word "tender" throughout the story.

Two Faces
Blair saw a vision with a face, and so let himself fall for a criminal with a violent temper who had that face.  Small problem, the person with that face wasn't Jim.  Now Jim has come into the picture trying to take down the criminal ring Blair has become involved with.

Blair has a great idea... he'll run and Jim will use his senses to track his running guide.  Sounds great until Kincaid gets mixed up in the hunt.

Honeymoon Suite
Yep, a classic set up very well executed.  The boys sign up for a honeymoon suite in order to catch a serial killer, but can they resist the power of the tacky decorating of love?

Pennies for the Jungle
Blair is a successful doctor who runs a charity for hospitals in third world countries.  Jim is an amnesiac living in a third world country; a sentinel without a guide whose life has never felt complete.

Covert Operations
Trying to work his way through college, young Blair signs up for the military and gets sent as the translator on a fateful mission with a certain covert ops team.

Staying Present
Blair has suffered a very real case of amnesia where his old life exists only in fragments, but Jim is still there for him. However, someone is threatening to pull the pair apart, and threatening to send Jim to prison

The Crying Game
A clueless Jim and a selfless Blair almost lead to a major disaster. Can Jim find the clue bus before he loses Blair again... this time for good. A real tear jerker!

When Jim's instincts go on high alert with seemingly no reason, Blair must learn to trust his Sentinel and himself or else he could lose a lot more than just Jim. If only this were possible in real life.

Passing Lane Blues
I'll borrow the author's description here... there are elements of partner betrayal. There is non-con. There is angst. There's mind-fucking. There's crying Blair. There's a little bit of primal caveman Jim. There is a spirit animal and visits from beyond the grave. There is bondage. There is bad language. There is biting. There's mush and romance and melodrama. Yep, that about covers it.



Short and Sweet

The Sentinel's Rules for Dating the Guide

Everything You Need In One Convenient Location


The Gen (no Slash, just friendship)

The Road Series
Blair is working on closed societies, specifically the closed society of a tiny fishing village on a tiny island off the east coast of the United States.  There he runs into a recluse who has sworn off society after failing to stop a mad bomber.  But you know Blair, he never takes 'no' for an answer.

Kith and Kin
Oh holy crap. Jim is *convinced* Blair is using him, and really it seems vaguely possible since a thief is using Jim's senses against him and Blair's hair is at the crime scene, and Blair pepper sprays him and runs for the hills. But Blair would betray his Sentinel.... would he? You HAVE TO read this. HAVE TO. Um, it is gen, so no sex here (although she's started a sexy sequel)

And my all time fav....
Wages of Sin    Rewards of Virtue
This is the fix to end all fixes.  It deals with Jim's pissy attitude season three, the fallout from the news conference, the government's interest in Sentinels...all in a believable way!  This is major time hurtage and major comfort and emotional depth and excellent characterizations all rolled into one epic fiction.  Read It!!

And if you haven't read these authors, you should probably read everything on their webpages!