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Recovery Epic: Cycle 1-Discoveries, Cycle 2-New Paths, Cycle 3-Partnership, Bonus Stories
FanFic100 Challenge: 100 Stories

This is the story of a strong but damaged Blair trying to find himself, his happiness, and his true path. While he originally tries to survive the dissertation disaster by running away from his life with Jim, memories of Jim refuse to stop haunting him. In Cycle Two, Jim appears in Phoenix, the two men have to find a way to repair their faltering relationship.

Rated SAFE through ADULT. The first two cycles are GEN-friendly while the third cycle and epilogue are definitely SLASH.


Guidelines:Beginnings, Regulations, Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Power Play

Jim is a sentinel who failed the U.S. Sentinel Program under questionable circumstances. Blair is the graduate student challenging the entire philosophy of the Sentinel Program in a world already nervous in the aftermath of terrorist attacks. The USSP would just like to see both men disappear. Unfortunately for them, neither Jim nor Blair is planning to give up easily.

Rated TEEN for the first two parts, ADULT after that.


Shadows Universe: Shadows of the Past , Shadows and Siege ,Take a Number

Nine years ago, one of Jim's missions went bad when his team ran into a unit run by an agent named Michael. The unit barely survived. Now, Jim comes home to find that Michael and the organization he represents is interested in both him and Blair. And once Section is interested, Section never totally walks away.

Rated TEEN for Shadows of the Past, ADULT for Shadows and Siege


The Witness: The Witness, The Observer

Days after his divorce, and long before Jim had any trouble with his senses, he inherited a case involving three gay-bashers working the west side. It brings into Jim Ellison's life the most annoying, opinionated, quirky, and unrelenting witness in the history of crime: Blair Sandburg, part-time grad student, part-time working boy.

Rated ADULT for slash, kink, puppy play, Dom/sub


Control Issues

In a world that knows, loves, respects, but doesn't trust its Sentinels, Jim is determined to hide his abilities. He won't submit to a guardian ad litem having custody of him in a legal system that ranks him on the same level as a child. He will not give up his control, not to anyone.

Rated ADULT for angst, rape, explicit sex


Cheering from the Fifty Yard Line

Years ago, Jim thought that he and Caro were about to become parents, but she pushed him off to the sidelines and made choices that destroyed their marriage. Now Jim is comfortable with a partner, a roommate, and a best friend, only Blair is about to drop the biggest bombshell ever right on Jim's head. This time, instead of getting sidelined, Jim is right there cheering from the 50 yard line as two new family members join the Ellison/Sandburg family.



Duty Deferred

As a member of the elite Sentinel Guard, Jim Ellison has always gotten what he wanted. However, now that he's starting to lose control over his senses, the one thing he wants--a guide--eludes him. Even visiting the Earth enclave of strong, well-trained guides doesn't help. So he decides to take a risk hunting the ruined outlands of the primitive homeworld. What he finds is that life and duty aren't always simple and some guides don't want a sentinel.

Rated TEEN


Ad Libitum

When Jim's senses go crazy, he grabs his lover and runs. However, the addition of a new Sentinel is changing all the rules, and Jim isn't sure how to handle that.

Pandora's Box

After Naomi has Alex sorted out, Blair thinks life will go back to normal. That's before shamanic dreams of a great power disturb his sleep. The world of Sentinels is awakening, and either Jim or Alex has to claim the Sentinel throne. Worse, Blair's not entirely sure that the power of the throne is limited to metaphor.

Rated: ADULT


Curved 'Verse: Learning Curve, Experience Curve, Bonus Stories

Xander is sent to Cascade to learn about Sentinels--well, that and to get him away from Spike--but he learns about a bit more than just Sentinels. As Xander gets to know himself and the power of a Sentinel/Shaman bond, he makes a few discoveries(Jim/Blair, Blair/Xander, Spike Xander)

Rated ADULT for Slash. NO partner betrayal


Dark, Still Water

When one of Daniel Jackson's friends goes snooping into the wrong computer, the SG-1 team comes to Cascade to find her before the NID can. But the local detective assigned to assist them--and his very strange anthropologist partner--complicate things. Teal'c isn't sure what the relationship is between Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg, but he knows it isn't healthy, and he knows that he would like to help. He also knows that there is something very unusual about the young Blair Sandburg, something which reminds Teal'c of old Jaffa stories of men with mystical powers.

Rated TEEN


Dr. Sandburg Finds a Sentinel

Dr. Sandburg has a good life working on alien contact at Stargate Command; however, now he has news that his holy grail might just be out there in the strangest place possible--earth. Even worse, James Ellison and his amazing senses have become the center of a vicious race that has pitted Blair and the Stargate command against a rogue CIA operative, the NID, and the Chinese government. And Blair is not sure how to convince Ellison that he's with the good guys.

Dr. Sandburg Visits Cascade

Blair only wants to follow Jim back to Cascade, but between the terrorists, the cranky police captain and the mystical intervention of a certain Peruvian, he's having trouble just surviving this little trip.


Flesh and Blood and Heart

Part of the Tucson 7 AU universe. Find descriptions of the characters HERE or meet them in the story that set up this AU

Jim gets a surprise when a medical test reveals he has a first degree relative. His first thought is that his time in the Army led to a child he never knew about. However, when he learns that Ezra Standish is only ten years younger than him with a criminal record that is enough to make anyone question the man's sanity, he isn't sure what to think.


Green-Eyed Hope

Blair is gay. Hey, he knows better than anyone that not everyone is okay with that, but after he tells Jim, their friendship starts falling apart. Sure, Jim keeps telling him that he's okay with it, but that's not what it feels like. Life seems to be pushing them apart, but the universe has a way of changing the rules of the game, and an accident changes how Blair sees himself, his friend, and a tired soldier who's returned to school to try and find a new future.

Rated TEEN


Old War Horses

The war raged across moons and planets. Browncoats versus Purple-bellies. Malcolm Reynolds fought for the Browncoat rebels... men and women who felt that the Alliance and civilized core planets were taking too much control of the rest of the system. They wanted their freedom. They lost. James Joseph Womak was a commander for the Alliance, proud to wear the purple uniform and determined to bring justice to the common farmers who lived rough lives on an outer rim dominated by smugglers and slavers and criminals. His side won, but he still lost. A shadowy group called the Institute took a little too much interest in a rare genetic gift of enhanced senses, and now he's on the run.

Two bitter old war horses really aren't good at forgiving or forgetting or letting evil grow like mold in those dark corners of the universe where other men are afraid to look.

Rated: ADULT for Dom/sub


Slashy Short Stories
Gen Short Stories

Cybersnoop (Jim/Blair) Rated ADULT for sexual content

Years (Jim/Blair) Rated TEEN for angst
. . . . Translated to German

Knowing (Jim/Blair) Rated SAFE

Conning Cupid (Jim/Blair) Rated SAFE

Finding Home (Jim/Blair) Rated ADULT

Hunting in Mecca (J/B) Rated ADULT sexual content!

Case 1099 on the Docket: Flopping in Public (J/B) SAFE

Surprise Outting (Jim/Blair) Rated SAFE

A Short Sentinel Tale (Jim/Blair--sometimes) Computer Generated.

Moving Closer (J/B) Rated ADULT

Synergy (J/B) Crossover with Highlander

Geek Wars (BtVS/Stargate/Sentinel) The geeks pull out all the stops to get an ancient book of spells.

Leading to Water (J/B) Rated ADULT for BDSM and Animal Play

Perils of Detective Pauline (J/B) Rated TEEN

Playing God (J/B, Rafe/OFC) One of Blair's oldest friends decides to play matchmaker

Silent Promise -- Simon's POV

Survival -- Post TSbyBS - Expanded to Recovery Epic.

Five Reasons Jim Ellison Feels Guilty -- Jim thinks on guilt.

The Things you Do -- Early in the relationship, boundaries are tested

Good Cop, Bad Cop -- Blair and Jim run a game of good cop, bad cop.

Tripping -- Since Jim won't take that trip with Blair, Blair tries to take it alone

Rituals and Roles -- Blair purchases a weapon, but with Blair, nothing is that simple

If I know not love -- When the unimaginable happens, Jim might find what he's lost. Expanded into Green-Eyed Hope

Villains Drabbles -- Life seen through the eyes of season one's villains.

The Crossroads -- AU: Blair became a shaman in Eastern Europe, and now his Sentinel has found him.

Tough Love -- Jim and Blair are sent to train officers in Sunnydale.

Life Unpredictable -- In a future world, Blair would do anything to save his family.



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