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Title/Link Fandom Pgs Pairing Rating Genre Notes Category

Adventures of Deadboy and Zeppo

Buffy/Angel 78 Angel/ Xander TEEN Action/Adventure Xander shows up in LA as a rather strange and suicidal vampire SLASH
Airman Harris Buffy/SG1 260 Xander/Daniel ADULT Action Xander's attempt to deliver peaches to a remote Air Force base leads him to new friends and a new vision of himself SLASH
All Dressed Up Buffy 2 Willow/Tara ADULT Relationship A look at the two girls FemSLASH
Back End of a Yellow Crayon Buffy 1 Willow, Xander TEEN Canon Vamp!Willow approaches a still human Xander in the wishverse GEN

Beautiful Broken

Buffy 254 Spike/ Xander ADULT Angst, Erotic, DARK Spike finds a trained Xander up for sale in a slave auction SLASH

BB2: Broken Revenge

Buffy 209 Spike/ Xander ADULT Angst, Erotic, DARK Xander tries to find a way to survive his past... including the parts he can't remember SLASH
Big Damn Dog Firefly WIP Mal/Jayne ADULT Erotic The crew shoves Mal's face in the fact that Jayne looks to him for guidance SLASH
Brian and the Frat Boys Fast/Furious 12 Brian/Everyone ADULT PWP Brian frat brothers figure out his secret SLASH
Bumbling to a Save Buffy 8 Angel, Xander SAFE Humor Xander tells Angel a few truths that might just change the world GEN
Case 1099 on the Docket: Flopping in Public Sentinel 3 Jim/Blair SAFE Humor A rogue Sentinel sends Jim and Blair to the court of Harry T. Stone Pre-SLASH
Cheering from the 50 Yard Line Sentinel 70 Jim/Blair ADULT Relationship Blair wants a child, but he isn't going about it the conventional way SLASH
Clinical Vampire Depression Buffy 2 Angel, Xander SAFE Introspection Xander isn't going to let Angel be depressed GEN
Conning Cupid Sentinel 2 Jim/Blair TEEN First Times, Comedy Blair is hung over, and Jim... he's just amused SLASH
Control Issues Sentinel 412 Jim/Blair, Jim/OMC ADULT Angst, Slave!fic In a world that manipulates its Sentinels, Jim will not give up his control SLASH
Cost Benefit Analysis Buffy 65 Angel/Xander, Angleus/Xander ADULT Dark, Angst Angelus has captured Xander, and he's about to capture the world SLASH
The Cost of Butterfly Kisses Buffy 434 Spike, Xander TEEN Angst Xander didn't wish for Sweet, so who is he protecting? GEN
Crossroads Sentinel 30 Jim and Blair TEEN Case!fic Blair became a shaman in Eastern Europe, but his sentinel still found him GEN


Sentinel 8 Jim/ Blair ADULT Erotic Jim discovers that Blair has a sexual secret. SLASH
Dark, Still Water Sentinel/SG1 350 Jim, Blair TEEN Angst, Adventure SG1 doesn't understand why Jim is such an ass. Blair seeks enlightenment. Pre-SLASH
Dexter Finds a Playground Dexter/LFN 20 Dexter/subs, Michael/Dexter ADULT Kink, PWP, Adventure Dexter finds a whole world of people who don't fit in SLASH
Dr. Sandburg Finds a Sentinel Sentinel/ Stargate 70 Jim, Blair, Jack and Daniel SAFE Adventure The Stargate program's Dr. Sandburg finds out there's a sentinel on earth GEN
Dr. Sandburg Visits Cascade Sentinel/ Stargate 45 Jim, Blair, Jack and Daniel SAFE Adventure Blair's attempt to follow Jim back to Cascade does not go well GEN
Drusilla Dances through the Universe Buffy/Various 20 Drusilla/Others ADULT Various Drusilla meets a wide range of people HET, FEMSLASH
Duty Deferred Sentinel 29 Jim/Blair TEEN Post-apocolypse Jim comes searching for his true guide GEN
Family Ties NCIS 1 Ziva, Ari SAFE Character Study Pre-show, Ziva's in trouble GEN
Family Snapshots NCIS/SPN 18 Gibbs, Dean, Sam SAFE Character Study A young Gibbs runs into two boys who need a father SAFE
Father's Day Buffy 2 Angel, Xander SAFE Charcter Study When the girls are off celebrating Father's Day, the boys work things out GEN
Finding Home Sentinel


Jim/Blair ADULT Angst Blair leaves in order to save them both, but it just may backfire SLASH
Five Reasons Sentinel 1 Jim SAFE Introspection Five reasons Jim Ellison has to feel guilty GEN
Flailing through the Cliches Buffy 35 Spike/Xander ADULT Kink, Relationship Spike learns of a private disaster Xander's been hiding SLASH
Flat Earth Buffy/ NCIS 3 Abby and Spike SAFE Humor At a goth bar, Spike runs into a woman who is more than he can handle GEN
Flesh and Blood and Heart M7/Sentinel 72 Jim/Blair TEEN Angst A bloodtest reveals that Jim has a family he's never known... a background check suggests he may not want to know them GEN
For the Love of Ajysyt Stargate SG1 10 Jack/Daniel TEEN Humor, Relationship A mistranslation leads to some confusion and a helping hand SLASH
Fulfilling the Function Buffy/?? 3 (Xander/??) SAFE Character Study Xander has an Internet friend. GEN
Games in the Dark Original 12 Raahi/Michael ADULT Kink, Relationship Michael wants to make sure his lover isn't getting bored with him. SLASH
Geek Wars Sentinel/ Buffy/ Stargate 5 Jack/Daniel, Jim/Blair, SAFE Crackfic, humor Lots of geeks... just one book GEN
Good Cop, Bad Cop Sentinel 9 Jim, Blair SAFE Case!Fic Blair and Jim run a game of good cop, bad cop. GEN
Green-Eyed Hope Sentinel/ Buffy 40 Jim and Blair/Riley TEEN Angst Blair tries to save his friendship with Jim and find a relationship with a new soldier SLASH


Sentinel 45 Jim, Blair TEEN Action/Adventure Jim failed the Sentinel program; Blair has a few theories GEN/ Pre-SLASH


Sentinel 75 Jim, Blair TEEN Action/Adventure Jim and Blair face off against the U.S. Sentinel Program GEN/ Pre-SLASH

Guidelines-Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Sentinel 64 Jim/ Blair ADULT Action/Adventure Jim and Blair make a life for themselves outside of USSP rules. SLASH
Guidelines - Power Play Sentinel 120 Jim/Blair ADULT Action/Adventure Jim and Blair try to find a normal life, but others seek power and threaten the pair SLASH

How About Me

Buffy 8 Angel/ Xander TEEN Drama Angel finds common ground with Xander SLASH
Human Nature Buffy/ Z for Zachariah 6 Anna SAFE Drama Anna finds a new valley, only this one is ruled by a very odd man GEN
Hunting In Mecca Sentinel 3 Jim/Blair ADULT Erotic Blair is bored and hunting for his lover SLASH
If I know not love Sentinel 6 Jim, Blair SAFE Angst Jim knows why he lost Blair... can he recover? GEN
The Interview Firefly 3 River/Jayne TEEN Comedy River decides she needs to pick a man for sexing HET


Buffy 121 Spike/ Xander ADULT Action/Adventure Xander and his hyena primal fight back against the Initiative SLASH

Irony - Inspired I

Buffy 9 Spike/ Xander ADULT Erotic A slice of Spike and Xander's sex life. Xander's POV SLASH
Irony - Inspired II Buffy 9 Spike/ Xander ADULT Erotic

A slice of Spike and Xander's sex life. Spike's POV

Kin of the Heart Buffy 322 Angel/Xander TEEN Friendship, Drama Xander shares some truth and changes the world Pre-SLASH
Kin of the Soul Buffy 600 Angel/Xander, Angel/Spike, Spike/Xander ADULT Drama The world continues to twist into new shapes as Angel and Xander move closer together SLASH
Knowing Sentinel 2 Blair/Jim SAFE Comedy A secret comes out Pre-SLASH
Leading to Water Sentinel 45 Jim/Blair ADULT BDSM Jim needs to let go; Blair has a plan. It might not be that simple SLASH
Learning Curve Buffy/ Sentinel 73 Blair/Jim Blair/ Xander Xander/ Spike ADULT Crossover, Action The Watcher's council sends Xander to Cascade where he learns a few things SLASH
Learning Curve II: Experience Curve Buffy/ Sentinel 408 Spike/Xander, Jim/Blair ADULT

Crossover, Action

Xander and Spike find that the course of true love never runs smooth. SLASH
Life Unpredictable Sentinel 12 Jim, Blair SAFE Science fiction In a future where earth is dying, Blair will do anything to protect his family GEN
Love, Pimples, and other Bad Things Buffy 9 Willow/OFC SAFE Relationship Willow is afraid to love--Xander won't let her live alone FEMSLASH
Magical Cage SG-1 101 SG-1 + Xander, Spike, Willow TEEN Crossover, Action Willow's portal spell and the wormhole collide and rip a hole in the universe GEN

Mangled Spells and Manly Bits

Buffy 14 Spike/ Xander TEEN Comedy Willow's love spell turns Xander into a girl HET/SLASH
Manipulation in 5 Acts (expanded to Stageplay) NCIS 15 Ziva/Tony ADULT Angst, Erotic Tony is lost. A lot of people are trying to manipulate his life HET
Mens Rea Firefly 3 Jayne and River SAFE Drama River acts to save Jayne's life (if not his dignity) GEN
Metronome Buffy 3 Willow/Spike/Angel TEEN Drama Spike teases his lovers out being too serious HET/Vague Slash
Moon Magic HP, Buffy 160 Faith/Snape TEEN Crossover, Action Riley is pulled into a new world, and Faith's rescue doesn't go as planned HET
Moving Closer Sentinel 6 Jim/Blair ADULT Relationship Two guys in love without being in sap SLASH
Nature Lover Sentinel/ Buffy 3 Blair, Oz SAFE Comedy Blair wants to meditate. Oz just wants to find his clothes GEN
Navigating Landmines Firefly 20 Wash/Zoe ADULT Relationship Just how did Zoe fall for our favorite goofy pilot HET
Necessary Evil Buffy 5 Spike/Buffy SAFE Fantasy (AU) Once again, Buffy is pulled from heaven GEN / HET
Not a Bad Day Chuck 7 Casey/Morgan ADULT Drama Casey does what it takes to make a mission work. If he enjoys it... well that just makes things messy SLASH
Old War Horses Sentinel/ Firefly 196 Jim/Blair, Mal/Jayne ADULT Science Fiction Two veterans on opposite sides of the war work together, but not easily SLASH
One Inch from Shattering Supernatural 9 Dean SAFE Character study Dean finds an escape hatch GEN
Overdue NCIS 29 Gibbs/DiNozzo TEEN Angst When Ziva comes back with them after Israel, Tony starts wondering if it's past time to move on PreSLASH
Pandora's Box Sentinel 110 Jim/Blair, Naomi/Alex ADULT Adventure Blair is about to open up all new powers, if his mother and her lover don't beat him there SLASH/ FEMSLASH
Paying for It Buffy 6 Lilah/Darla ADULT PWP Darla will always get payment FEMSLASH
The Perils of Detective Pauline Sentinel 3 Jim/Blair TEEN Humor Jim drops his gun one time too many SLASH
Playing God Sentinel 33 Jim/Blair, Rafe/OFC SAFE Angst One of Blair's oldest friends tries matchmaking GEN
Predatory Connections Dexter/Buffy 14 Spike/Dexter/victim ADULT Violence Spike is fascinated by this human monster he's discovered SLASH
Proclivity Buffy 8 Spike/Xander ADULT Angst It's in the nature of a demon SLASH
Random Musing on Dimension Shopping and Gravity AtS 1 Lorne SAFE Angst Lorne muses on what he's done for Angel GEN
Reaping What You Sow Firefly 3 Jayne SAFE Angst Jayne knows he deserves this GEN
Recovery - The First Cycle Sentinel 48 Blair SAFE Drama Blair can no longer stay in Cascade and tries to make a new life GEN

Recovery - The Second Cycle

Sentinel 66 Jim, Blair SAFE Drama Jim shows up in Phoenix on the trail of a killer, and he's not willing to give up on Blair GEN/ Pre-SLASH

Recovery - The Third Cycle

Sentinel 89 Jim/ Blair ADULT Drama The guys come home to a loft that no longer feels quite like home and a relationship that's definitely changed SLASH


Buffy 5 Spike/ Xander ADULT Erotic Spike discovers the chip doesn't work with Xander. SLASH
Ritual Buffy/ Predator 4 Buffy SAFE Action Buffy meets a predator, only she doesn't know she met one GEN


Buffy 12 Spike/ Xander TEEN Action/ Drama Angel sends the boys off to find a magically revived Lindsey SLASH

Second Verse

Buffy 141 Spike/ Xander ADULT Action/ Adventure Spike meets a Xander who never met the slayer SLASH

Second Verse II: Musical Wars

Buffy 147 Spike/ Xander ADULT Action/ Adventure Sequel to *Second Verse* SLASH
Second Verse III: Out of Tune Buffy 180 Spike/Xander ADULT Action/Adventure Sequel to Musical Wars. The boys return to Sunnydale. SLASH
Shadows of the Past Sentinel 90 Jim, Blair TEEN Action/ Adventure, Crossover Michael, a shadow from Jim's covert ops days, is interested in Sentinel and Guide GEN

Silent Promise

Sentinel 3 Jim, Blair TEEN Introspection Simon wonders just how close the guys have become GEN
Some Things Never Change Buffy/ Firefly 9 Spike/Xander SAFE Drama, Angst Human nature never improves, not even after thousands of years slashy GEN
Souls, Shoes, and Thieves Buffy/ Leverage 5 Cordelia, Sophie SAFE Drama After Cordelia comes back from the higher dimensions, she meets someone new GEN
Stageplay NCIS -- Ziva/Tony, Gibbs/Tony ADULT Relationship, erotic Tony needs something, and Gibbs thinks that Ziva can give it--he's wrong. Now he has to fix this HET, SLASH
Street Rat Fast/Furious 12 Dom, Brian SAFE Post-movie Dom shows up in Brian's life SLASH
Sunstroke, Insanity, and Faith Mag 7   Team SAFE Tucson 7 AU An undercover job gets strange for poor Vin GEN
Surprise Outting Sentinel 3 Jim, Blair SAFE Drama Jim gets outted Pre-slash


Sentinel 11 Jim, Blair SAFE Drama Jim comes to find Blair and repair their friendship GEN
Synergy Sentinel/ Highlander 20 Jim/Blair TEEN Angst When an immortal takes Blair, Jim will pay any price to get him back preSLASH
The Things You Do Sentinel 3 Jim, Blair SAFE Drama Early on, the guys push boundaries. GEN
Thoughts Colored Ugly Firefly 148 River/ Jayne ADULT Relationship When Jayne runs, River is determined to give him what he needs HET

'Til the End

Buffy 3 Spike/ Xander TEEN Drama, Dark Spike mourns the loss of his human lover SLASH
Tough Love Sentinel/ Buffy 4 Tara/Willow SAFE Drama Tara is treated like the domestic victim she is when two new officers are in town GEN
Toys Buffy -- Spike/Xander ADULT Dark, Erotic Spike is bored, Xander is there. SLASH


Buffy 45 Spike/ Xander/ Angel ADULT Action, Dark, Erotic A spell turns Xander into an ancient Master vampire SLASH
Trickster II: Janus' Shadow Buffy 144 Spike/ Xander ADULT Erotic, Action A chipped Spike returns to his now human sire SLASH
True Power Xena, Buffy 2 Faith, Ares SAFE Introspection Faith encounters one more temptation GEN

Unfortunately Right

Buffy 3 Xander TEEN Angst, DARK Xander tries to save Willow GEN
Washed Clean Firefly 10 Inara/Kaylee ADULT Angst, Erotic Kaylee's been hurt; Inara lets her take what she needs FemSLASH
Wish Upon a Cheating Boy Buffy 40 Xander/Cordelia TEEN Drama A wish creates a world ruled by women, and Cordelia wants revenge HET
The Witness Sentinel 122 Jim, Blair ADULT Drama Jim works with a very forthright witness SLASH
The Witness 2: The Observer Sentinel 166 Jim/Blair ADULT Drama Blair becomes Jim's partner, but not everyone appreciates him. SLASH
Years Sentinel 6 Blair/Jim TEEN Angst, Drama All good things come to an end, some just more permamently than others SLASH
Your Bloody Fault... is not! Buffy 35 Spike/ Xander ADULT Comedy, Erotic Spike and Xander come to Angel for help after accidentally bonding SLASH


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