You have found the domain of a dyed-in-the-wool geek lover: Xander, Daniel, Blair, and all the geeky sidekicks of the world. The fan fiction on the following pages is heavily biased toward the bravery of the mighty geek.

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The following pages are not for minors!! The fanfic on these pages contains m/m slash (male on male sex), femslash, domination games, submission, bondage, BDSM, rimming, oral sex, anal sex, bloodplay, and violence. For adults, this is a nice little fantasy. For children, this is a good way to really warp your sense of sexuality!! If you're not of legal age, go read something else because this is for adults and by clicking the links here, you are agreeing that you are of age in your area. I don't own any of these guys, and I don't make money off this. I'm just having some fun. Oh, and if you're looking for abuse, rape, torture, chan, or sexual violence, go somewhere else! My guys like what they're doing, and they don't do anything unless both partners are getting off on it!

Quick note on BDSM

  • BDSM fantasy stories ARE NOT the same as real relationships. My characters openly break some pretty basic rules because, hey, they aren't human! When you aren't human (or totally human), you can get away with a little more than plain old humans. So, unlike my tops...
    Never leave someone tied up and alone because having someone you love in the agony of a muscle cramp and unable to get loose is just not funny.

  • Never start a scene or engage in sexual acts without discussing the boundaries FIRST. If you can't talk about it, you shouldn't be playing with it!

  • Always stop and ASK your partner how he or she is doing. Unlike Spike, you don't have vamp senses and sometimes a person is nervous about stopping a scene even if it's uncomfortable, so talk to your partner--yes, even during sex.

  • Always establish a safe word before you start playing. There needs to be a way to stop the scene the minute something goes wrong--no debate, no hesitation.

  • NEVER, NEVER, NEVER play with someone who causes you harm, ignores your limits, changes the rules without negotiation, makes you feel less important, tries to cut you off from other people, or claims to want to "stretch your boundaries" after you've said no. That's not BDSM; that's abuse.

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